[Sativa paysage]


The creation in 2008 of [Sativa landscape] , a limited liability company, was the logical outcome of the creation of the National School of Nature and Landscape Architecture ( ENSNP) in Blois, in 1993 : a five-year program  that trains designers, providing both the rigor of science and engineering technologies, and the innovative space or object design methodology ; a school that would require its students to demonstrate offbeat creativity and constructive rigor.
Once the ENSNP was on track,  we had to create a professional space to welcome these “ingenious landscape architects” and allow them to decline every facet of this dual culture in a rational way, from  diagnosis to design and from projects to worksite monitoring .
This is precisely the aim of the [
Sativa landscape] company, that is, to minimize the dichotomy between a landscape architecture office and a technical engineering office, assuming the role of representative in most of its contracts. The action of [Sativa landscape] takes place on all territorial scales, on private or public urban and rural spaces, or wastelands.
Its engineers can provide minute territorial diagnoses, highlighting often complex dynamics, and outline the issues from which a project will emerge. They know how to analyze functional, social and cultural programmatic demands and address them with innovative projects, respectful of budgets and integrating sustainable management. The rigor of their approach precludes formal or gratuitous proposals.


Chilpéric de Boiscuillé, Director of [Sativa landscape]